On 2001.11.27 12:40 Bertrand Delacretaz wrote:
> Without knowing too much about FOP internals, I think a processing chain
> along these lines might help:
> parsing if needed
> -> SAX events
> -> FO attributes processing (validation, inheritance)
> -> StructureRenderer
> StructureRenderer is
> EITHER Layout + PrintRenderer
> OR StructureProcessor (RTF, MIF, etc.)
> What we need to find out is how much the existing FOP and these
> "structure renderers" have in common.

This sounds like the sort of approach that we need.
If possible we might be able to have a "layout processor" which normally 
reads the fo objects and creates an area tree. An alternate implementation 
will instead directly create the output document.

The fo object tree does all the handling of attributes.

So are things like static areas, markers, page numbers etc. possible with 
rtf or are these type of things simply not possible.

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