"Beer, Christian" wrote:
> Hi List!
> I have a problem. I want to underline the whole text, which may
> go over several pages.
> But to underline one must use fo:inline, right?? But using that

At the moment: yes!
I have started coding support for underline in blocks some time ago, but
it's not finished yet

> lets my text disapear on all pages but the last.
> So my questions:
> a) is that a bug or is fo:inline concepted to only go over one page.

It's a feature;-)
Seriously, fo:inline should work across pages.

> b) how can I underline text over several pages?

I've just tried it with latest FOP from CVS (maintenance branch)

 <fo:inline text-decoration="underline">
   a lot of text (for several pages) ....

and it looks ok (everything underlined)

> Greets,
> Christian Beer


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