Make sure your table is in the xsl-region-body and not in the
xsl-region-before or xsl-region-after.  I have tables that go on for many
pages without problems.

You can then use the xsl-region-before for table headers at the top of each
page.  If you start your tables with the break-before="page" attribute you
will start a new page for each table.  So you could have a 100 row table
that goes across 3 pages, a 2 row table on 1 page then a 50 row table on 2
pages if that's what your wanting.


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Subject:     Table Layout with Page Breaks                

I'm using fop to generate tables that vary in length, so I need to be able
set attributes such that the table layout will accommodate page breaks.
I've tried using "keep-with-next" applied to fo:table-row and "height"
applied to fo:table (plus many others) to setup the table layout so that it
isn't truncated by a new page, but haven't had much success.  Does FOP
support this functionality?

Chris W.

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