a page that includes a (certain) table cannon be printed.
This table includes only images.

I've create this document in DocBook XML 5.0 beta.
Xalan to translate it into FO (DocBook XSL Stylesheets
v. 1.44).
I have specified the column-with for each column.
I've also specified the amount of columns in
the attribute "cols" of "informaltable". 

It just stops printing if this page would be on the turn.
I can watch it, but not print.

Is there a way arround this problem,
or does anybody know what causes it (to fix the bug).

best regards,


Christian Kaiser     

SiemensVDO Automotive AG                             
SV SC RS T33                                
Osterhofener Straße 19 - O19
93055 Regensburg

Tel: ++49 (0)941-790-6689

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