I take it you are using an application.  Are you sending both text
and binary data at the same time?, are you using the
printWriter? or the getOutputStream method class?, for binary data
you will need the getOutputStream.  I had the same problem
some time ago and sending JUST the binary data solved the problem.

The problem I ran into was the PDF taking the whole screen
and not a portion of it as I wanted to.  Is anyone aware of
how to restrict a a PDF file to a portion of the screen?


Carmelo Montanez

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Subject: Embedding fop in IE..Help!!!

> Hi All
> I have an XML file which i combine with a XSL to
> generate the FO file and render it. It works fine with
> Netscape but im having a tough time with IE. It is
> displaying garbage on teh screen. All i get is binary
> characters for the PDF File. I have IE 5.5 Sp1. and i
> tried all the workarounds. These are the ones I tried
> 1) Changed the name of the file to be .pdf so that IE
> will look at the extension and treat it as PDF
> 2) Bloated the file size to be more than 8k so that
> there is no buffer problem with IE
> 3) Downloaded the Fo file generated and ran the fo
> command line and it generates the PDF properly(as an
> application). So there is nothing wrong with the FO.
> IS there any other way to get a PDF on IE? Im not sure
> why im getting binary content all over the screen?
> Please HElpppppp...
> Raj
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