I can't be sure of this, but it seems to me that FOP is not closing some files that it opens.
Specifically, I'm running FOP in a servlet.  I generate a couple of PNG image files, then reference those files during my FOP PDF generation.  The images get embedded in the PDF correctly, but after FOP does it's business, it doesn't seem to close the files.  On Windows NT, when a file handle is open, it's impossible to delete the file until the handle is closed either by the program or by the operating system (e.g., program exits and OS releases handles).
This is causing problems because I can't delete those temporary image files in my servlet because of the open file handle.
I searched thru the FOP source code and found one place where it seems the file is never closed.
There may be others, I didn't know which part of the source code I needed to look thru for image references.
Can someone fix this for the next version of FOP?
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