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> Hi,
> How can include .img file in pdf. ApacheFOP doesn't support it. Is there a
way around?
> thanks & regards
> Nagaraja Rao

What is an ".img file"?
There are quite a few exotic file formats that are branded "img".

In case your refer to the IMG image file format, once defined
by Digital Research for the GEM windowing system of the ATARI
(my favorite computer then - some 15 years ago), well ...
isn't it extinct?

Anyhow, I would suggest you to write a
org.apache.fop.image.ImgImage decoder class
(or extend JAI or JIMI http://java.sun.com/products/jimi/)
and register it with the org.apache.fop.image.FopImageFactory.
(At least that would have been the hinge, last time I checked.)
That shouldn't be too hard whith the ATARI IMG format,
because it is fairly simple.
(Take a look at imgtoppm.c from the PBMPLUS package.)

Jens Thieler

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