All my urls are .jsp and I don't have a problem with IE 4-5-6
recognizing them as PDF--as long as I set the response contentType. I
have a myriad of other problems with older verisons of IE, but this is
not one of them.

Cyril Rognon wrote:
> It has been reported many times that IE5.0 needs some strong mime type
> information
>  : not only you must set the content-type HTTP header to
> "application/pdf" but you also have to use an url with ".pdf" at the
> end...
> Cyril Rognon
> At 14:05 07/12/2001 +0100, you wrote:
> >     I'm trying to see a pdf-report, created dinamically with an
> > XML-XSL process. But if I try to see it with an IE 5.0, I see just a
> > blank page with an icon. If I try it with an IE 5.5, I can see it
> > with no problem.
> >
> >     Why is it? And there is a solution, because I cannot change the
> > browser to 5.5?
> >

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