Here is the real problem.  When the servlet is posted to, the browser has no
knowledge of what type of data will be sent back.  We have a single servlet
which looks at the request and calls the appropriate class to process the
request.  The request then sends XML back to the servlet.  Then based upon
the presence of the parameter "print" in the http request, our servlet
attempts to locate the XSL:FO file that maps to the request.  If the XSL:FO
file is found, we FOP the XML and send back PDF.  Otherwise we use a
XSL:HTML file and send back a HTML page.  Our clients are responsible for
providing XSL:FO files for the pages they want PDF prints.  The XSL:FO files
are optional and may or may not exist.


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 --- Jim Urban <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: > > you also have to use an
url with ".pdf" at the
> The url the client is posting to is a servlet which uses FOP to generate a
> PDF and feed it back to the browser.  If the client post a request to
> myservlet.pdf the server will look for a file called myservlet.pdf and
> return a 403 when it can't find it.  So how do you use a url that ends
> .pdf when using servlets?

If you can't set up an alias in the webserver as people have suggested you
always have a servlet class called "pdf" within a package "myservlet".
End result: myservlet.pdf

Could have sworn this was in the FAQ.

Oh dear - that means the FAQ isn't good enough yet....


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