1. page number on the left/right for left/right pages:
You have to set up two page-sequences, one for the odd and one for the even pages, say 'left_pages' and 'right_pages'. Each sequence must have a separate name for the region-after.
Tie them together in your page-sequence-master with this:
     odd-or-even="odd" />
     odd-or-even="even" />
In your fo:flow you can then put up two fo:static-content sections by referring to the different region-after names.
For more details, see docs/examples/pagination/franklin_2pageseqs.fo.
2. I didn't try it, but theoretically markers should be used for this kind of 'running header'.
HTH, Corinna
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Is there a way to do this? Again, it is a very common book format.
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Subject: Dictionary style pages

Could someone point me to an example of producing a dictionary or telephone book style page with fop?
By this I mean:
  • I'd like to put the page number at the bottom of the page on the left hand side for even numbered pages and on the right hand side for odd numbered pages.
  • I'd like to put the earliest name in the collating sequence that appears on the page on the left hand top and latest name in the collating sequece on the right hand top. i.e. if the page contains entires in alphabetical order from cat to dog, I'd like the word cat on the left hand side of the region-before and dog on the right hand side of the region-before.
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