Hi all,

I'm a little confused about this exchange -- and wondering what is
driving the interest in directly launching AcrobatReader ?

We run fop and generate printouts directly using the -print option
all the time and get 100% fidelity viz-a-viz producing pdf files from
fop and then (manually) printing them.  (Checked with a light table even!)

We happen to be doing our production work via a shell command since
the spawning application is in smalltalk, but we've also verified the
approach runs just fine when we invoke fop directly via method calls
from within a Java app (We simply inspected the command processor
source and mimic'd what it does for -print.)

We use standard fonts, as it turns out, but do embed gif's, generate
2 column text layouts with in-line column-spanning tables (whose contents
include some column spanning data) and the results are just fine.

I concede that -print only goes to the default printer and I'll admit that
we needed to tweak the xslt to workaround certain "sensitivities"; but
we're OK with that.  We have a 100% cross platform solution and it
isn't sold by micro$oft.

>I think that all this system calling is a bit dodgy if you don't control the
>target environment: I looked at it for a while but felt that I couldn't
>prevent things going badly confusing for the user if they had any deviance
>in their setup.
>And it obviously throws away the cross-platform nature of things.
>Nobody interested in the AWTRenderer / PrinterJob pure java approach?  Even
>lets you do the print dialog thing...

         ' Best,
         -Ralph LaChance

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