Java performance has never been the same on Unix or NT. It depends on the 
JVM you are using.

There have been several comparison of JVM on various OS. I don't remember 
where it was nor who did it but IBM was a good choice under UNIX systems.

Hope it helps


At 18:02 18/12/2001 +0100, you wrote:
>Hi Guilbert,
>very  interesting. If you're experiencing that FOP runs faster on a
>NT-machine than on a UNIX machine then we are experiencing the same here.
>The same page on my NT machine takes 1 sec whereas on the UNIX machine it
>takes 10 seconds.
>So far I assumed it's just a load problem of this UNIX machineas it has to
>handle the load of 30 developers, everybody with own processes of our
>backend system which is very performance consuming.
>But would be interesting to know wether this is the case or if FOP is
>really slower on UNIX. Does anybody know?
>GUILBERT Nicolas SIReS schrieb:
> > Who can explain the huge performance difference we experience between
> > using FOP on a NT server or a PC on one side, or on a unix platform on
> > the other side.
> >
> > Is it normal ? Is FOP built to run on PC or NT ? As it is a java
> > library, it is supposed to work on all platform ?
> >
> > Thanks.
> > Nicolas
> >

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