In fact, I'm using Fop 0.20.1 and reference-orientation or direction are
not implemented (yet, they say!!)

    Well, I am also looking for an answer, but unluckily. If someone
discover something, make me know...


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> --- Manuel Moons <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > Does anyone know how I can rotate text 90 degrees, so that it appears
> > vertically.  I have used reference-orientation but this is not supported
> > fop.  I also tried embedding SVG but this also was refused by fop, both
> > worked fine in Antenna XSL-formatter though.
> >
> You need to be a bit more specific. Do you need the letters to appear the
right way up but
> immediately below one another or should the letters be on their side. If
the latter should they go
> down the page or up the page?
> I have had this working fine by using SVG text. (I was using it for the
axes of an SVG chart)
> but this was six months ago.
> I remember looking into this and seeing that the relevant XSL:FO
functionality wasn't implemented
> in FOP but this was a long time ago.
> Alex
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