On Tuesday 15 January 2002 07:39, Nagendra Srikanth Addepalli wrote:
>  From the FOP site and home page of jfor, i could get to know that RTF
> renderer would be made part of FOP.
>  Any idea when this would be out (basic implementation of RTF rendering in
> FOP)?

We're still at the design stage, doing slow progress so it's hard to give set 
a release date.

>  Is there any version currently (for RTF rendereing in lines of FOP) in
> progress so that we could develop/contribute to?

The current release of jfor is V0.5.2 (experimental release: V0.5.3), which 
is independent of FOP. You can find it at www.jfor.org, it is stable and used 
in production at a number of sites despite of its limitations (many XSL-FO 
constructs are not supported yet). 

Feel free to test it, and yes, contributions are welcome (either for jfor 
itself or for the integration of jfor into FOP)!

 -- Bertrand Delacrétaz, www.codeconsult.ch
 -- jfor.org lead developer

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