Martin Stricker wrote:
Patrick Andries wrote:
I did a simple test: create a text file with just one Euro sign in
Win2k, then booted into Red Hat Linux 7.2 (dual boot box) and checked
what the text file actually contained. It was one single character #128.
Yes, this is because you saved your file in win1252 (default on Western European Windows).
How are the characters accessed by FOP, through the cmap?
Sorrry, I don't know.
I suspect it relies on PDF for all those details, I wonder if this is the best course (for complex languages for instance). When I have time, I'll check.
I don't use character 164, I (or better said use the numeric
character reference €.

Hmmm... maybe if you use a real Unicode font with the Euro character in
the right place... Sadly I don't know much about fonts, but I'm trying
to learn... pointers to more information in English or German are

I have just solved the problem as I tried using Acrobat 4.0 instead of my old Acrobat 3.0 (unfortunately, it was my default).
Acrobat version 3.0 does not support the euro (and the font was not embedded).


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