I am writing a textbook on HTML, and want to
include a chapter on XML.  I am trying to get the
following code (DocBook) to generate a PDF file. 
 After a LONG struggle I managed to 
xsltproc to use my XML and get the HTML to
render...but the PDF eludes me.  Can y'all see
anything wrong with the following code?

When it is generated, 
by someone who knows what he is doing,
the block quote stuff just
disappears...the cite stuff renders
just fine???

What I am trying to do is simply show my
student/readers how XML can be used.
I have spent over 70 hours trying different
software to no avail.  Ideas welcome!
What I really need is a reliable tool-chain
to take XML and generate HTML, PDF,
and maybe one other format that I could
capture and show the students.  

Can anyone help?????

Thanks in advance!


<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!DOCTYPE article  SYSTEM "./docbookx.dtd">
<title>There and Back Again</title>
<pubdate>Long Ago</pubdate>
<abbrev>LOTR</abbrev> stands for Lord of the Rings.
In this paragaraph we could discuss
the intricate details of the construction
of a most proper hole in the ground.
<bridgehead>Now, a wonderful quote!</bridgehead>
There were many paths that lead up into those
mountains, and many passes over them.  But most
of the paths were cheats and deceptions and
lead nowhere or to bad ends; and most of the
passes were infested by evil things and
dreadful danger.
<citation>Page 64 of
<citetitle>The Hobbit</citetitle>
by J. R. R. Tolkin</citation>

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