>I guess I am so new to this that I don't
>know what you mean by formatting?  I thought
>that XML was formatless (if that is a word), in that
>the DTD and the style sheets did all the formatting?

Not the DTD (which is optional for XML), and provides
constraints for an xml file.

Yes, a stylesheet is needed for formatting (though in fact
a style sheet can do any transformation).

I wouldn't describe XML as formatless. XML, I would say,
is format agnostic, in that it can exist without
any presentational elements or attributes at all, or it
can have full formatting information as an .fo file

The usual elementary XML book recommendation is the chick
book, which is reviewed here
<URL: http://training.gbdirect.co.uk/book_reviews/learning_xml_review.html >,
you want to have a glance through the whole of it, because
the author seemed to run out of steam (or pages) at around
the point that he got to the areas we are discussing; but
the early chapters are so good, that you may not feel that
this is a problem.

If you check through some of the current discussions on the
XML list, you will see that the ability to write XML,
like the ability to write in plain text, depends on having
something worth saying, and knowing how to say it. It is
not a magic bullet.


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