Everything in my XSL/FO is working perfectly except my images.  The address
I am supplying is a relative address (that works if I use HTML), but does
work if I use XSL/FO to PDF.  I have read the archives, and I am not finding
any solutions to this problem.  Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong?

<fo:external-graphic height="24mm" width="66mm" src="{../companylogo/url}"/>

/companylogo/url gets translated into: abc\images\merchant_logo.gif

If I use a full path, ie. (c:\xyz\htdocs\abc\images\mechant_logo.gif) it is
fine.  It is just when I specify the relative address when I get:
Error while creating area : Invalid Image URL - error on relative URL : no
protocol: null/abc/images/merchant_logo.gif

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