>Hello all,
>   I have not posted any bugs before and don't really know the formal
>procedure yet, and I haven't seen this brought up by anyone else either.
>I have a stylesheet which produces an fo file with two fo:page-sequences.
>It produces pdf's correctly with version <=0.20.2rc.  With 0.20.3.rc it
>produces the message:
>   master-reference for fo:page-sequence matches no simple-page-master or
>It seems that there is something wrong with the new version since I clearly
>have two page-sequence-master s with the same names as the two

No. There is something wrong with your stylesheet. Specifically, you 
are using the syntax from the XSL Proposed Recommednation rather than 
the syntax from the XSL 1.0 Recommmendation. The name of this 
attribute changed between the two. 0.20.3 supports the final syntax, 
not the earlier draft syntax. YOu need to change a master-name 
attribute to a master-reference attribute on the fo:page-sequence.

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