Hello Keiron,

  I hope You might help. It happened before that I didn't see some
  "hidden" features, I checked on newsgroups, and I couldn't find the

  I have one very serious question for you, it's possibly concern all
  other members of FOP community.

  Region "Start" is defined to be always on the left side of the
  paper, which is ,in book production, not always true.
  Sometimes, "start" is on the outside side of the paper, and "end" is inside.

  Is it somehow possible to setup this property for the "Start" and "End" regions.
  (example: page-position="left" or page-position="right"

  I think this is very important feature in FOP, and this is the
  reason I am taking your time.

  I would appreciate if you can answer me soon.

Best regards,


Aleksandar Zivkovic, IT Manager               mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
Dashofer Holding Ltd (Cyprus)

Wednesday, February 06, 2002, 9:12:04 AM, you wrote:

KL> Yes, I reorganised it. If I remember it does require a new ant and 
KL> possibly other jars.

KL> I don't see any good reason for doing this though. It will only make it 
KL> more time consuming to update the docs.

KL> On 2002.02.05 23:38 Peter B. West wrote:
>> Keiron,
>> Was it you who reorganised the xml-docs/html-docs framework on the 
>> development branch?  If so, do you see any problems in retro-fittting 
>> that structure to the maintenance branch?
>> Peter

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