Aleksandar Zivkovic <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>   Region "Start" is defined to be always on the left side of the
>   paper, which is ,in book production, not always true.

This is not quite correct. Where the region-start appears, depends
on the writing order. It is on the left side for the usual western
writing order: left-right within a line, lines top-down.

>   Sometimes, "start" is on the outside side of the paper, and "end" is inside.

Do you mean you want to have a side bar which is always
on the outer edge of the book, for example right on odd
pages and left on efen pages? This is a FAQ (though more
often in connection to placing page numbers in the footer),
see and
You define two page masters which are then used alternately,
and you can have two differently named start/end regions
so that you can place different static content there.


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