Respecting the licenses, it seems to me that the IBM Public License for
bsf.jar (available at, for
example) should do the trick. We just add it to our lib/, and make sure that
the build.xml includes it.

JIMI (jimi.jar) is problematic. The Sun Binary Code License Agreement
requires at a minimum that we redistribute _all of_ the JIMI distribution,
not just the JAR. Specifically, note clause (b), "License to Distribute
Runtime". The term "Software" is inclusive. And the Sun BCLA imposes other
requirements on the entire "Program", namely FOP.

We include the license for JIMI - I just don't think we ever carefully read

So I suggest that we add the BSF license, and remove jimi.jar. We can
determine later how to re-incorporate Jimi, if possible. The requirement
from the PMC is that these license problems go away soonest, tout de suite.
:-) We can also add a note to the top-level Readme about this (indicating
where to locate Jimi), possibly add a supplementary Readme in the lib/
directory, and possibly the build process should alert the user that Jimi is
not available, allowing for a failure at that point.

Does this sound reasonable?

If you are going to do everything else below then I can do the above this
evening. Is that OK? With respect to your other question, yes, I'd say that
this becomes a FOP-0.20.4rc, but after that we should only provide a week
for comment/fixes (no net new features) and then produce the final
FOP-0.20.4. Otherwise all we will ever produce are release candidates! :-)


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just a short info about the current status of the maintenace release.

Things I want to do for the release:

-apply "proper font econding" patch by Peter S. Housel and Rainer Garus
  I've tested it and it's looks good, 'build test' showed a small
  difference in the width of '-' character. (I think the patch is right)
  I haven't committed it yet because of the licensing issue with jars
  (ant-optional.jar is needed)

-apply "AWTViewer i18n" patch by Satoshi Ishigami

-apply "MIF output string escaping" patch (Bug #1332)

-add FopPrintServlet example from Ralph LaChance

-update README and STATUS files

Quite a few changes for a release candidate, should we make another one?

I hope to do this on the weekend but there's still the license issue
with the jars before we can do the release (Arved?)

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