On Thursday 07 February 2002 12:15, Keiron Liddle wrote:
>. . .
> Do we need to have this completely separate method of reading the fo
> tree (layout managers is the other) when both do some similar things.
> I'm not sure, I just can't picture how it should work at the moment.

Right - let me try to reformulate what we need to be able to create an 
RTF document. If this is already covered by the current layout manager 
interface, then it's fine.

> We need:
> - start and end of document

> - start and end of page sequence
yes (mapped to an RTF "document section")

> - resolved properties

> - static areas
yes, for RTF they should at best come right after the start of the page 

> - add info after end of block level object: block, table, list etc.
yes, for RTF we need both start and end events for most such 
constructs: table cells, list items, etc. 

So I think what you suggest maps well with the requirements of an RTF 
render (or other structure-based renderers). 

Where should I look in the current code to start playing with this? 
layoutmgr package?

- Bertrand

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