Joerg Pietschmann wrote:


> I believe all this stuff could be replaced by JAXP 1.1 standard
> functionality. This means FOP could also be build with any JAXP
> 1.1 compatible XML/XSL library.
> This would also get rid of some unfortunate dependencies from
> Driver.getParserClassName() (why not use
>   SAXParserFactory.newSAXParser().getXMLReader()
> instead and let the library handle all the annoying stuff? At
> the same time, validation could be switched off, gaining some
> performance in rare cases).
> I could try to prepare patches, however:
> - Is there a chance to get them into the maintenance branch?
>   (there is a feature freeze pending, AFAIK)

No freezing yet .. so hurry up ;-)

I've applied the patches (my commit messages don't make it to fop-cvs
yet) but I want to fix a bug (#6094) and have a look at the MIF
renderer which seems to be broken before doing RC2.

If you send the patch untill thursday it ok.

> - Last time i tried i was not able to build FOP successfully,
>   because of an odd ant incompatibility problem i didn't (and
>   still don't) have time to resolve. This means i can only try
>   basic compilation, someone else would have to finalize the
>   patch.

Ok, but what's your problem with ant? 

> Regards
> J.Pietschmann


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