Christian Geisert <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > - Is there a chance to get them into the maintenance branch?
> No freezing yet .. so hurry up ;-)

Ughhhh, ohhhh!

> Ok, but what's your problem with ant?

Ant wont run under bash/cygwin, probably because of odd
directory remounts by cygwin. Works using cmd.exe, though.

Bad news: Ant still uses the SAX1 interface, so it's somewhat
difficult to build FOP using Saxon only (does provide SAX2 only),
but i want to do this in order to ensure no apache.x* cruft
is still hanging around. I patched Ant somewhat and will try to
get it fixed in the distribution. This really chews up the
time originally allocated for patching FOP :-/

There is a new Commons project at Can someone
tell me whether it's supposed to wrap JAXP1.1 too? I mean is
FOP supposed to use XML-Commons instead of JAXP?


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