Phillips Tony wrote:

> Hello,
> I think I have a problem with my generated PDF files!  To make it easier to
> handle distribution of the output files, I produce the output PDF in a
> temporary 'working' directory which is fine.  I then copy the output PDF to
> its final destination and, in theory, remove the temporary (generated)
> file.
> However, the copy is fine but removing the generated file fails every
> time...

Win or UNIX? - Makes a difference, cos in UNIX you can delete a file any 
time, WIndows, you can't if the file is open (by anything).

Are you making sure to close any output streams? - In theory they should 
be closed when the object gets garbage collected, but this may be some 
time after the file object goes out of scope (or even never)

Worth a look anyway.



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