Dear editors,

I've got a couple of issues regarding writing-mode where I'd like to
make sure I'm interpreting the spec as you intended.
Issue 1: whose writing-mode determines the value of corresponding
absolute properties.

Section 4.2.3 states:
"For purposes of this definition, the content-rectangle of an area uses
the inline-progression-direction and block-progression-direction of that
area; but the border-rectangle, padding-rectangle, and
allocation-rectangle use the directions of its parent area."

I assume this implies that when calculating the corresponding absolute
properties for properties such as padding-start, border-start-*,
space-*, start-indent as described in Chapter 5.3 one uses the
writing-mode of the nearest ancestor reference area-creating FO rather
than the FO's own writing-mode (assuming the current FO also creates
reference areas).

Referring to the figure in section 4.2.3, where a "tb-rl" area is nested
in a "lr-tb" one, start-indent for the inner area would thus be measured
from the left side of the outer content rectangle to the left side of
the inner content rectangle. Padding-start and border-start-width for
the inner area area would be equivalent to padding-left and
border-left-width and not padding-top and border-top-width.

On the other hand, if inline-progression-dimension or
block-progression-dimension are specified on an FO which establishes a
reference area and specifies a writing-mode, these are calculated in
that writing-mode. (Section 5.3.3 uses the phrase "the writing-mode in
effect for the formatting object".) In the figure described above,
inline-progression-dimension for the inner rectangle would thus be the
vertical dimension.

Is that the correct reading?
Issue 2. Writing-mode on region-master vs. writing-mode on flow and its

In 7.27.7 the recommendation states: 'The "writing-mode" property
applies only to formatting objects that set up a reference-area (for XSL
these are: fo:simple-page-master, fo:region-*, fo:table,
fo:block-container, and fo:inline-container. '

Since the writing-mode property isn't listed as applying to flow or
static-content objects, this would seem to imply that text in a flow
(outside of a table, block-container or inline-container which can
specify its own writing-mode) is supposed to get its writing mode from
the fo:region-* into which it is laid out!

This doesn't seem reasonable since the writing-mode should be determined
by the content of the flow and not the page-masters into which one flows
it. If that were the case, there would be no way to calculate
corresponding absolute property values until an area were placed on a
page. As an implementator, this gives me nightmares.

I would prefer to think of writing-mode as applying to the flow, which
is indirectly generating reference areas in the region-body. It would
still be possible to have a pathological situation where the flow
writing-mode was different from the region-body writing mode. This could
produce strange layout effects, but it wouldn't influence the property
value calculations.

What was the intention?
Thanks in advance for clarifying these points,

Karen Lease
Senior Software Developer/Consultant
SPX Valley Forge

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