I see you've actually started to make TextLayoutManager do something. I
noticed during my CTM testing with the PDF renderer, that it's "eating"
the first character of my text, ie. "Hello world" came out as "ello
world". Since I don't think you're French which could account for not
pronouncing the 'h', I thought it might be due to the 'wordStart + 1'
used to set the text for the Word Area.

I also noticed there's a lot of whitespace handling in the code still. A
few months ago I put some white-space handling into the FO tree building
logic. In fo.flow.Block.end(), it basically iterates over all its kids
and tries to get rid of all the unnecessary white-space before it gets
to the layout manager.
The idea was that the LM would only see the whitespace it was actually
supposed to layout and the linefeeds which were real line-break

I haven't studied the new TextLM code in detail, but I would think it
could be simplified based on that approach.


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