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One of the major criteria of a logging system is the minimal impact on
performance. Surely having abstraction layers and implementation layers to
provide logging will have an impact on this.

As FOP is being redesigned could we not just adopt the 1.4 logging system.
In time all JVM's will have this facility without additional jar's
complicating/bloating our distributions. This logging system is not the best
but it will become universal.

Just my two pennies worth.


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> In order to clarify issues: I have to use FOP in an environment
> which already provides logging, configuration management and life
> cycle management. I don't want to look into another log file. I
> don't want to write more config files. (There is also the fact
> that said environment goes to great length to make augmenting
> already provided functionality as complicated as possible). I have
> already customized ErrorListeners, URIResolvers and such and i
> want to reuse the functionality in the most straightforward way
> possible. I don't want to write more customizations just for the
> Apache logkit. In particular, i don't want to learn how to write
> such customizations.
> I don't want to prevent anyone from providing a FOP embedding
> using logkit and avalon. I *want* however access to a core which
> doesn't rely on yet another toolkit for common functionality and
> fits as seemlessy as possible into a run time environment roughly
> equivalent to the JDK 1.4 API (with emphasis on JAXP 1.1).

Ok, I think that can be done, even when using Avalon in FOP. You propose
(I think) that we could provide an Avalon-Wrapper around FOP, but it
could also be the other way around. I'm sure that Avalon will not stand
in the way if we provide a simple interface similar to what you proposed.

Logging: As Nicola said, Avalon's logger-independent Logger interface
easily handles some of your concerns about JDK 1.4.
org.apache.avalon.framework.logger.Jdk14Logger already exists, for

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