> One of the major criteria of a logging system is the minimal impact on
> performance. Surely having abstraction layers and implementation layers to
> provide logging will have an impact on this.

There's almost no performance penalty. Most performance is lost because
developers don't write their logging code well.

> As FOP is being redesigned could we not just adopt the 1.4 logging system.
> In time all JVM's will have this facility without additional jar's
> complicating/bloating our distributions. This logging system is not the best
> but it will become universal.

Eventually, yes, it could become universal. But I hope you're aware of
how many people are still using JDK 1.1 today. The decision to drop JDK
1.1 support in FOP was something that not everyone welcomed. The same
will happen with the transition to JDK 1.4.

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