I answered my own question from a few days ago, and I thought I'd put in
some clarification for others, because I've seen a lot of questions on here
about using external fonts with FOP.

If you get the EOFException or the NoSuchElementException when trying to
create the metrics file for the font, here's what you need to do:

-go to:
-join the (yuck) MSN Community for VOLT, and wait to get approved
-go get VOLT
-open your TTF in VOLT
-do File/Save as, and save your font to a new file

-now run the TTFReader program to create the metrics file

This worked for me. I was using a barcode font (code 39). I tried several
TTF files, and I either got an error creating the metrics file, or the PDF
wouldn't generate in the end. Apparently, when VOLT saves your new TTF, it
correctly places the ANSI-encoding cmap in the TTF file (and I have just
about no idea what I just said, but as I understand it that's what it does!)
Hope this helps some of you.

Bobby Lewis
Solutions Architect
3100 McKinnon Suite 1000
Dallas, TX 75201 

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