I have a problem that is hard to debug. I am generating PDF files with FOP,
and the process is working ok most of the time. Sometimes though, the file
becomes corrupt (I'm sending the PDF back to a web browser based on a
request a user makes from a JSP).

Here's what we just found: we're using an external barcode font (a Code39
font). If we take the font out and don't use it in the PDF, it works fine
everytime. Otherwise, it works sometimes. There's no discernible factor as
to why it does/does not work, so I'm thinking there's something buggy in
FOP. Has anyone had any kind of unpredictable behavior before with FOP when
using external fonts? I'm using a TTF, I generated the metric file ok and
everything, because the barcode does show up correctly SOMETIMES.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Bobby Lewis
Solutions Architect
3100 McKinnon Suite 1000
Dallas, TX 75201 

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