Prior versions of FOP used to support JDK 1.1 (with reduced functionality).
However some time back, JDK 1.1 support was dropped. I have not looked at
this in a while, but I suspect that HashMap may be the least of the
problems. I suspect that supporting JDK 1.1 with the current FOP would
require dropping image and SVG support as well as significant coding

FOP has come a long way since the last version that supported JDK 1.1, so it
would probably make a lot more sense to apply your efforts to getting a JDK
1.2+ environment for your COM DLL.

But if you are doing with FOP does not require the latest and greatest FOP.
There should be an old version of FOP around somewhere. I think (but am not
sure) that 0.19.1 may have been the last (or one of the last) versions to
support JDK 1.1. May require a rebuild. The build script had an option to
build for JDK 1.1 (IIRC it was package_jdk11 or something like that).


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Has it come up where anyone has attempted to use FOP w/ JDK 1.1.  The is no
HashMap class.  Sun has made available the collections classes for use in
1.1.  This requires changing every import of java.util.HashMap to  I plan on doing this on my copy of
the codebase, because I am rolling FOP up into a COM DLL for use from an ASP
page, and J++ (the only way to build a COM DLL, as far as I know) uses 1.1.

Any thoughts?


David B. Bitton

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