At 03:53 PM 3/8/02, you wrote:
>I need to use the FOP print option (-print) to print a FO directly to a
>printer.  The problem is, I need to tell FOP which printer (by name, port or
>UNC name) to print to.  Displaying the preview window (-awt) or printer
>dialog is not an option.  I will be embedding this code in an application
>which will run unattended.  The application will "wake up", check for FOs to
>print and print them automatically without any user intervention and then go
>back to sleep.  The print out must go to a specified printer containing a
>special paper which will most likely NOT be the default printer.  Any ideas
>how to do this?

This was answered previously, please check the archives.

The short answer is that you cannot in any straightforward fashion
programmatically assign a printjob to a specific printer pre-Java 1.4.
There new JavaPrintService facility in 1.4 is promising, but I think
you might have trouble trying to run fop in 1.4 yet.

If someone wishes to "refine" this answer, please jump in;
Alex -- another topic for the faq?

         ' Best,
         -Ralph LaChance

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