If you can do it and it will be an improvement then I welcome your input.

I think the are three possibilities:
- use a generic logging package such as found in avalon, it is quite 
possible to use the LogkitLogger, Log4JLogger and Jdk14Logger
- use an interface
- use methods on the user agent

The interface almost guarantees that we will need extra code to do things 
that everyone else is doing. The user agent could provide flexibility 
while incorporating the first option.

We also need to remember context and threading issues.

On 2002.03.12 08:09 Michael Gratton wrote:
> Personally, I'd suggest having core FOP logging services taken care of 
> by something akin to org.xml.sax.ErrorHandler. This mechanism works 
> quite nicely. FOP could provide a default implementation which uses 
> Logkit/Avalon and embedders could provide their own.
> Also, I'm prepared to put my money where my mouth is, so to speak. If 
> people are happy with this approach, I'll gladly implement it over the 
> next few days. I hope this conveys how important I think this issue is.
> What does everyone say?
> Mike.

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