From: Matthias Fischer

> My company, for instance, would have to stop using FOP;
> we would not even take the time to go into studying legal
> aspects, because, as a medium-sized company, we
> don't have the time and money and personnel to do this...

I think you are exaggerating a bit.
Are you using Apache license software? And did you study it with this

If you are using the Apache license and are confortable with it, then there
is no problem. If Apache can distribute it with APL code, you can do the
same. It's simple as that.
Apache admits only compatible licenses in the CVS for this reason; some
weeks ago there has been a check in the CVS to check this, and you can be
sure that there is zero tolerance on this issue, it is applied very

Look at the descriptions on the main apache site and on Jakarta; there are
very important pages IMO that explain as clearly as possible the position
Apache has on this point.

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