Keiron or Karen,

I have a quick question. This is mostly because I am unfamiliar with the 
code. As it stands right now org.apache.fop.area.inline.ImageArea does not 
look like something that the layout process can use; it also doesn't look 
like something that the renderer can use because it supplies only a URL 
reference, not any extra information as to what changes (e.g. scaling) may 
have taken place.

So is it the case that org.apache.fop.image.AbstractFopImage (or something 
like it) is the primary object to be used in layout? And I'm thinking that if 
this is the case, that the ImageArea class should not have a reference to a 
URL, but rather to the AbstractFopImage.

Am I missing something here? I am going to continue on with research - I have 
plenty of serious reading and code review ahead of me, I can see. I wanted to 
ask about _this_ to maybe speed things up with image handling.


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