Keiron Liddle wrote:

> To serialize between the Area Tree and the Renderers there are some 
> serious problems that would get in the way:
> - in many cases the area tree will need to be complete before sending 
> anything across, this defeats the whole purpose and will use a lot of 
> memory
> - embedded xml will need to be parsed twice and saxified
> - how do we handle area tree extensions
> - forward references for some renderers will mean that the renderer 
> may also need to store the whole area tree (or part thereof) on the 
> other side of the sax events
> - the layout depends on the output target, for font information

Could you sketch out the way font information is communicated to layout? 
 I had the vague notion that the renderers were obliged to provide font 
information at the configuration stage.  I hoped this would obviate any 
further communication between the layout process and the renderer.


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