My first suggestion would be to use Acrobat or something to print the PDFs.

Second (or maybe it should be first) would be to use the AWT based print
renderer to print to the printer. I have not used this, but shouldn't AWT be
able to print to any printer for which it has a suitable driver. Maybe this
works better under M$ Windows. Most of my work these days is with Unix and
until recently on our systems AWT did not work well and when it did I think
that it would only print PostScript. YMMV.

Next if the formatting is not very fancy then I would suggest generating the
text/ESCP using just XSLT (with an extension function for the special

The TXTRenderer assumes that the font for output does not change. Last time
I checked ESC/P printers should accept plain ASCII text without the need for
additional control codes (other than CR,LF). This is what the TXTRenderer
produces. The problem is that with the exception of some special cases, the
output produced by the TXTRenderer is UGLY.

As to CHR(18) and CHR(27), I guess that may depend on how the XML parser
interprets "legal characters of Unicode and ISO/IEC 10646" (from the XML W3C
Rec). Being below CHR(32) I suspect that they will probably be rejected as
not a valid XML character.

If you want pretty output and can not post process one of the current output
formats then you are probably looking at a new renderer.


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Subject: How format to dot-matrix printers (ESC/P)

Hi FOP team,

I'm using FOP for generating PDF's, but now I need use FOP to generate 
text files (txt) for dot-matrix printers using Epson ESC/P, and I have 
following questions:

1) I need create my own Renderer?
 if yes, what I need to share this with FOP-DEV

2) Can I do this with TXTRenderer?
 if yes, How put chars like CHR(27) CHR(18) in txt?

Best regards

Clóvis Wichoski

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