I'm already using PDFs to print, but some dot-matrix printers are too 
slow to print graphics.

the question about chars, it is because I need print in condensed mode 
CHR(18) and 8 lines per inch CHR(27)+CHR(0)

the question about new Renderer it is because we can make a standard for 
print in ESC/P using FO also.

Would be interresting implement this?
Extend TXTRenderer to make this?

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On 21/03/02, 16:08:40, Art Welch <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote regarding RE: 
How format to dot-matrix printers (ESC/P):

> My first suggestion would be to use Acrobat or something to print the 

> Second (or maybe it should be first) would be to use the AWT based print
> renderer to print to the printer. I have not used this, but shouldn't AWT 
> able to print to any printer for which it has a suitable driver. Maybe 
> works better under M$ Windows. Most of my work these days is with Unix 
> until recently on our systems AWT did not work well and when it did I 
> that it would only print PostScript. YMMV.

> Next if the formatting is not very fancy then I would suggest generating 
> text/ESCP using just XSLT (with an extension function for the special
> characters).

> The TXTRenderer assumes that the font for output does not change. Last 
> I checked ESC/P printers should accept plain ASCII text without the need 
> additional control codes (other than CR,LF). This is what the TXTRenderer
> produces. The problem is that with the exception of some special cases, 
> output produced by the TXTRenderer is UGLY.

> As to CHR(18) and CHR(27), I guess that may depend on how the XML parser
> interprets "legal characters of Unicode and ISO/IEC 10646" (from the XML 
> Rec). Being below CHR(32) I suspect that they will probably be rejected 
> not a valid XML character.

> If you want pretty output and can not post process one of the current 
> formats then you are probably looking at a new renderer.

> Art

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> Sent: Thursday, March 21, 2002 12:59 PM
> Subject: How format to dot-matrix printers (ESC/P)

> Hi FOP team,

> I'm using FOP for generating PDF's, but now I need use FOP to generate
> text files (txt) for dot-matrix printers using Epson ESC/P, and I have
> following questions:

> 1) I need create my own Renderer?
>  if yes, what I need to share this with FOP-DEV

> 2) Can I do this with TXTRenderer?
>  if yes, How put chars like CHR(27) CHR(18) in txt?

> Best regards

> Clóvis Wichoski
> Supridatta

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