> I use FOP to generate PDF files from XML data retrieved from a database.
> The PDFs generate just fine.  However, when I tell FOP to render postscript
> the output file is often corrupt.  When I print the ps file on my postscript
> printer the header area on the second and following pages is all messed up.
> That is, text is missing, strange text and shapes appear in their place and
> the size of the header area is not the same as the first page.  If I view
> the ps file using GSView (GhostScript) I get the following message when I
> attempt to open the file:
> DSC Error
> %%Pages: doesn't match number of %%Page:
> GSView displays the ps file with the same errors I get if I print the ps
> file directly to the printer.  I am using FOP 0.20.2 on Windows (both NT and
> 2000) with JDK 1.3 from Sun.  Any ideas what is wrong?

Sure, the PostScript renderer is far from being finished. :-) The
renderer still has problems with some fo constructs, fonts and even DSC
(as you mentioned). If you need good quality right now, you should use
Acrobat Reader on Unix or GhostScript to convert PDF to PS. That's what
I still do. Improving the PostScript renderer is still on my tasklist,
but I've got so much to do that it hasn't come to the top of the list,
yet. Sorry.

Jeremias Märki


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