I was just looking at the FOP API JavaDocs.  Can I use getContentHanlder from the 
Driver object, send that
into the transformer wrapped in a SAXResults object?  Will this populate FOP with the 
required data to do
the XSL:FO transform?

On Fri, Mar 22, 2002 at 11:22:12AM -0500, David B. Bitton wrote:
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> Ok this is what I'm doing:
> I produce an XML file from data stored on a mainframe.  The XML is generate in a VB 
>object.  The XML is
> passed up to an ASP page that makes a Low Level API SOAP call, using MSSOAP Toolkit 
>2.0,  to my PDF server.
> The PDF server is running Tomcat 4/Apache SOAP 2.2.
> On the PDF server, I receive the XML as literalxml in the envelope, fetch a 
>stylesheet, pass the Element
> object to a Xalan 2.3 transformer (wrapped in a DOMSource object), and then 
>transform the XML into XSL:FO
> objects.  
> Now I have a Document object that was returned from the transformer wrapped in a 
>DOMResults object.  The
> next step is where the problem lies.  I want to pass the Document to a Driver, but I 
>get the dreaded
> NullPointerException.
> Most of the time, the XML is will be small ( 5 - 7K), but there is a potention for 
>an account to have 5 to
> 10 thousand transactions in a day, and we store up to 63 days of data (a single 
>transaction in XML is 594
> bytes, therefore a 630K transaction XML file would be 374MB, plus some extra data at 
>the top).  So you can
> see what I have the potential to deal with.
> What I don't even know is how FOP will handle this.  The XSL:FO file is sure to be 
>much larger than 380MB.
> I transformer a 6.66KB XML file and it produced a XSL:FO file of 16.2KB.  If we use 
>that as a benchmark,
> than the same 374MB would become 909.8MB.  That's a whole lot of RAM, not to mention 
>what FOP is going to
> use to store the rendered PDF.
> I'm hoping that someone can poke a hole in these numbers (please), because this is 
>getting to look a whole
> lot bigger than expected.  Obviously performance and resource utilization are major 
>concernes (like when are
> they not?).  Obviously SAX for this would be faster because it wouldn't require 
>loading the entire XML
> contents into memory.
> So, now is here the questions come in.  Do I return from the transform a SAXResults? 
> Also, how do I
> effectively handle the incoming XML into the SOAP method?  I would prefer to send 
>the XML in literalxml
> format so the < and > are HTML encoded (increasing the size of the content even 
> Where do I go from here?
> On Fri, Mar 22, 2002 at 04:49:40PM +0100, Jeremias Maerki wrote:
> > <comment>Oops, that one didn't make it to the list at first.</comment>
> > 
> > DOM (Document) should work. But using DOM to process a 400MB XML? You
> > wouldn't want to do that. Try to find a way to use SAX. You can fill SAX
> > events into FOP to create the FO tree. Maybe it helps us to provide you
> > with some pointers and ideas if you tell us what exactly you're trying
> > to do.
> > 
> > >   I'm sorry to post this again but I need help.  Does passing a Document 
>datatype to the Driver
> > > render() method work?  I have to potential to move XML files in excess of 400MB 
>and so I need to avoid as
> > > moving of data in memory as possible.
> > 
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