Hi all,

I finally have Joerg's JAXP patch committed (well most part of it).
FOP should now *run* with any JAXP1.1 compliant parser/transformer.
I've succesfully tested it with Saxon 6.5.1 (which includes Aelfred)
and JDK1.4 (which includes Crimson/Xalan).

Still needs to be done:
- build process (replace fop's xslt-task with ant's style-task as
   already done in the main branch)
- hypenation generation (Joerg mentioned some problems)

I think this might be a good opportunity to upgrade FOP to xerces2
(and xalan 2.3.1). The only drawback is probably that xerces ships
as two jars (xmlParserAPIs.jar and xercesImpl.jar).

Any Comments?


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