Christian Geisert wrote:
> I finally have Joerg's JAXP patch committed (well most part of it).
I want to note again that this effectively removes Xalan1 support.
It is probably a good idea to remove some cruft still left in,
like the Xalan1-compat libs, the build rules associated with Xalan1,
and the files in the tools directory should use JAXP directly instead
via the abstraction layer in tools/xslt. Moving to the default ant
task for doing XSLT probably will already take care of it. I will
look at it this weekend (provided the easter eggs are easy to find :)

> Still needs to be done:
> - build process (replace fop's xslt-task with ant's style-task as
>   already done in the main branch)
> - hypenation generation (Joerg mentioned some problems)
One problem was that the dumped hyphenation classes are not rebuilt
if there the source of the generation classes is changed. Perhaps
there should be an intermediate jar file built for the generator,
and the dumped classes depend on it as well as on their source XML.


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