Search my threads a few months back. In my case XEP was 10 times slower
than FOP. The RenderX guys looked at and said there was something weird
about my tables. By most accounts RenderX and FOP should be about the
same speed. I told them (RenderX) that if they could figure it out and
XEP proved not to run out of memory the way FOP does we might still be
interested in purchasing a number of licenses. They CEO of the company
called me and tried to help, but I got the impression whey were all too
busy to breathe--selling $5000/CPU licenses for a product that's
inferior to something free.



> Mark Bitz wrote:
> I was wondering if anybody had done any comparisons of FOP vs XEP
> (RenderX's engine).  Or if anybody knows where I can find any such
> comparisons.  RenderX took their comparison down off of their web site
> and I am trying to fend off a potential XEP solution in my company. I
> would rather use FOP and a comparison may be very helpful.
> Mark

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