I don't know the nuts and bolts of CVS, but I always assumed that tags 
were somehow related to the RCS symbolic name, accessible via $Name$. 
 $Name$ has some peculiarities due to the fact that there is not a 
unique name attached to the current version; I think it is set in the 
output files from the symbolic name under which the file is retrieved. 
 I don't know, off hand, what the deault behaviour is.  I can check the 
RCS characteristics here.  Do you want to install $Name$ in one of the 
CVS files and see what it looks like when retrieved?


Keiron Liddle wrote:

> On 2002.04.03 18:23 Peter B. West wrote:
>> There are a couple of other things which encourage the separation of 
>> source and build.source trees.  They involve the use of copy 
>> filtering in ant.  Version information is, I think, supplied by ant 
>> via the build.xml file.  This vile and disgusting habit, which ant 
>> seems to encourage, should be stamped out at once.  Version 
>> information comes from the version control system in use at the time, 
>> not from hand-hacking on build.xml.  A few changes to to 
>> massage the output of the RCS macros are all that is needed.  If that 
>> massaging is required during the build itself, an ant task should be 
>> able to do it.
> I don't quite see how you could use RCS to set the version. The 
> information will only update if something is checked in, what will be 
> changed in the file to check it in? Do you really want the versions to 
> count up 1.[0..n], how do you specify bug, minor and major releases, 
> what about stages ie. dev, alpha, beta, final.

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