This page has the cvs keywords:

None of them seem to be useable for the version of a product.
You still need to change something to make this update anyway.

On 2002.04.05 00:44 Peter B. West wrote:
> Keiron,
> I don't know the nuts and bolts of CVS, but I always assumed that tags 
> were somehow related to the RCS symbolic name, accessible via $Name$. 
> $Name$ has some peculiarities due to the fact that there is not a unique 
> name attached to the current version; I think it is set in the output 
> files from the symbolic name under which the file is retrieved. I don't 
> know, off hand, what the deault behaviour is.  I can check the RCS 
> characteristics here.  Do you want to install $Name$ in one of the CVS 
> files and see what it looks like when retrieved?
> Peter

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