On Thursday 04 April 2002 14:47, you wrote:
> At 08:34 AM 4/4/02 -0500, Charles Marcus wrote:
> >like it could be the answer.  The only question is, can OOo use it?

> license of it's software. My question is why does OOo require FOP to
> be LGPLed? You can integrate it into OpenOffice without it being

You can't change the Apache license into LGPL but you can license YOUR 
CODE under LGPL (or GPL or  even MicroSloth EULA). This will require 
anyone using YOUR CODE to observe LGPL (or whatever), which is what you 
want to do, as I understand it. This would allow anyone else to extract 
the Apache-licensed code out of your distribution and use it under 
Apache terms, as long as they removed all of the LGPL code from it. Of 
course, it would be easier to go out and get a pristine copy of FOp 
instead. The only thing you can create license terms for is YOUR CODE 
and then it still has to be provably original etc. etc.

> If you do this it would also be fair if you contribute changes to FOP
> back to the Apache tree.

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