On Thursday 11 April 2002 09:37, you wrote:
> Hi,
> I need information the file xsl:fo transformation in UNIX.
> What's I need by uses XSL:FO in UNIX?
> Can I do?

You can use xsl:fo in ANY system that has an implementation of the Java 
VM. This includes any reasonable implementation of Unix (AFAIK).

Many people use Cocoon 2 from the Apache project because it provides a 
ton of features, but you can use just the Fop program if you wish to.

I use it both ways and have also used it from XML Spy. 

In Cocoon 2 you can run XSL transformations to produce an XSL:FO 
document and render this to one of a number of formats such as PDF, PS 
and RTF using the FopSerializer.

I have also used Fop driven by a shell script. The memory footprint is 
smaller but you have to cart Fop around with you. From Cocoon, you can 
generate fancy-pants documents over the network.

Cocoon has a much steeper and lengthy learning curve. Fop is much 
smaller and comes with lots of examples. 

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