Sorry to bother you all again,
[sorry if you receive twice this: I mail it again because I had problems
on the first attempt.]

I've included here a sample .fo file and its .pdf version (in a .zip
archive) that demonstrate the problem: 

I've noticed that text() of tags that occur at page-break as well as the
characters that preceed in the same word-unit (surrounded by
whitespaces) are not rendered at all in PDF and AWT view.

Look at the beginning of page 15 in the pdf file: 'tensible' for
'extensible' [E<fo:inline>x</fo:inline>tensible]; notice that even
though the first 'e' is not surrounded by any tag, it is not rendered

One more thing: if I process a 'simple.xml' file with occurrences like
[E<r>x</r>tensible], the same happens, even if I dont write any template
for the 'r' element.

Thank you all for your answers.

N. Mazziotta

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